Fan Guorui

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Fan Guorui

Ph.D. Professor

Director of Institute of Education Governance

Researcher of The National Institute of Schooling Reform and Development



Address: 1121,11th Floor, Liberal Arts Building, Department of Education, East China Normal University.No.3663 North Zhongshan Road, Shanghai, 200062, P.R. China.

Academic Employment

  • Member of the 7th National Working Committee of the Young Pioneers of China.

  • Vice-President of Shanghai Education Society.

  • Associate Director of Steering Committee in the 4thNational Education Professional Degree Postgraduate Education.

  • Member of the Education Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education of Higher Education.

  • Vice-President of Professional Committee of EducationPolicy and Laws Study,China Education Society.

Research Fields

  • Educational Principle

  • Education Policy

  • Reform and Development of School

Courses Offered

  •  The Topical Study on Educational Theory

  •  Research on Reform and Development of School

  •  Research on Education Policy’sTheory

  •  Analysis on Contemporary Education Policy


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