Jiang Chunjiao

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Jiang Chunjiao

Ph.D. Associate Professor

E-mail: jiang7270@sina.com

Address: 1020,10th Floor, Liberal Arts Building, Department of Education, East China Normal University.No.3663 North Zhongshan Road, Shanghai, 200062, P.R. China.

Research Fields

  • History of Chinese Education

Courses Offered

  • History of Chinese Education,

  • History of the People’s Republic of China



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Research Projects

  • National Education Science General Subject: Study on the History of Xue Ji, (2018

  • The MOE (Ministry of Education in China) Project of Humanities and Social Sciences (Project No.:10YJC880059),“Research on Private College Principals in Modern China”. (2012)

  • The Shanghai’s Education Science Planning Project (Project No.:B1009),“Research on Private Colleges in Modern Shanghai”. (2010)

  • The National Education Science Planning Project(Project No.:EAA080256),“Research on History of Sishu in China”. (2008)

  • The National Education Science Planning Project,“The Transformation of Regional Differences in Higher Education in Contemporary China”. (2003) (Have Done)


  • The History of Chinese Private School. Awarded 14th Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science 2nd Price, 2018.

  • The First Award of Shanghai 8thDeng Xiaoping Theory Research and Publicity Outstanding Achievement, Writing Class.

  • The Third Award of the 4th National Education Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement, Writing Class.

Academic Communication

  • Attend the Education History Branch of the Chinese Society of Education, 2017.11.23-25.