Ma Hemin

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Ma Hemin

Ph.D. Professor

Researcher of The National Institute of Schooling Reform and Development


Address: 1025,  10th Floor, Liberal Arts Building, Department of Education, East China  Normal University, No.3663 North Zhongshan Road,  Shanghai,20062,P.R.China.

Academic Employment

  • Member of the Commtee of National Educational Sociology Profession

  • Secretary General of Senior intellectuals Fraternity, East China NorMa,l University

  • Vice president of Young intellectuals Fraternity, Putuo District, Shanghai

  • Director of National Computer-aided Education Seminar

  • Academic Committee Member of Shanghai Community Education Committee

  • Secretary General of Shanghai Basic Theory of Education Profession Committee

Courses Offered

  • Sociology of Education, Principles of Education

  • Methodology of Education Research, Case Study of Educational Research (Miniature Course), Culture

  • Personality and Socialization (Miniature Course)

  • Study on Differences in Academic Achievement (Miniature Course)

  • Theory of Contemporary Western Socialization

  • Study on Special Subjects of Educational Sociology



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Research Projects

  • Shanghai Municipal People's Government Policy Decision Consulting Study Project: Key Points and Links of Education Reform in the Context of Information Society, 2017.

  • General Project of National Social Science Fund: Sociological Research on Behavior of Morality of Contemporary Teenagers from the View of Intergenerational Comparison, 2017.

  • National Educational Science Tenth Five-year Planning Key Project of Ministry of Education: Education and Responsibility: Research on Human’s Social Age, 2002-2005.

  • National Key Projects: Twelve Entries of Encyclopedia of Chinese Education: Sociology of Education, 2005.

  • Shanghai Philosophy and Social Sciences Key Research Project: Part of “A Century of Educational Sociology” in China in A Hundred Years of Social Science in China --- Volume of Pedagogy, 2005.

  • Research on Students' Socialization, Bureau of education in Cixi City, Zhejiang, 2001-2003.

  • East China Normal University '211' Project: “The Internet Society and School Education ', 2001-2002.

  • Theory and Practice of Cadre Education, Organization Department of Ningbo Municipal Committee, 2000-2001.

  • Research on the Educational Experiment of Benign Stress, Education Research Project of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, 2000-2002.

  • World Bank Loan Project: 95 Key Courses Construction in Colleges and Universities Shanghai Education Commission Sociology of Education, 1999-2002.

  • 'Ninth Five-Year Planning Project of Department of Social Affairs, Ministry of Education: The Practice and Theoretical Exploration of “the Educational Experiment of Benign Stress 'in Primary Schools, 1998-2002.

  • Construction and Application of Students' Learning and Psychological Archives, Wanli Education Group in Ningbo, 1997.

  • Study on the Inventory of Educational Resources in Urban Community, Bureau of Education of Zhabei District of Shanghai, 1997.


  • Pr. Ma gave guide to the postgraduate Yan Yintang in 2003 in the dissertation “New Development of Western Socialization Study”, which was awarded Shanghai Outstanding Achievements of Postgraduates, 2005.

  • Educational Foundation (a Author), awarded National Excellent Teaching Materials of General Colleges and Universities 1st Prize, 2004.

  • Contemporary Pedagogy, (a Author) awarded National Excellent Teaching Materials of General Colleges and Universities 1st Prize, 2003.

  • New Sociology of Education awarded ECNU Excellent Teaching Materials 3rd Prize, 2003.

  • The Internet Society and School Education (Ed.), awarded ECNU Excellent Teaching Materials Consolation Prize, 2003.

  • New Sociology of Education, awarded Shanghai Excellent Teaching Materials of General Colleges and Universities 2nd Prize, 2003.

  • Curriculum construction and practice of Educational Sociology (the Manager), awarded Shanghai Outstanding Teaching Achievements 2nd Prize, 2002.

  • Curriculum Construction and Practice of Educational Sociology (the Manager), awarded ECNU Outstanding Teaching Achievements 1st Prize, 2001.

Academic Communication

  • Participated in the 14th National Academic Conference on Educational Sociology held at Yunnan Nationalities University,2016.11.18-2016.11.20