Pang Qingju

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Pang Qingju

Ph.D. Associate Professor

Researcher of Institute of “Life·Practice” Educology, ECNU



Address: 1101, 11th Floor, Liberal Arts Building, Department of Education, East China Normal University, No.3663 North Zhongshan Road, Shanghai, 200062, P.R. China.

Courses Offered

  • Education (Undergraduate Student)

  • Culture Resource Research of Children Education (Graduate Student)

  • Theory and Practice Research of Basic Education Reform (Graduate Student)



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Research Projects

  •  Joined and Undertook the Great Project of ECNU Basic Education Reform and Development Research Institute: Local Exploration of School modernization development path in Chinese Basic Education 16JJD880019,2016-2020the Sub-Project: Case Research of School Overall Reform in Modern Chinese New Basic Education

  •  Presided National Educational Science General Topic: Path Research of Modern Chinese School Reform Advance,DAA150207, 2015-2018.

  •  Joined and Undertook a Series of Topic: Educational Responsibility of Society. Two Sub-Topic: Research of the Social Responsibility for Modern Chinese Children’s Moral Education and Healthy Personality 2014-B-003and Poly-Pass and Promotion of Social Education in the View of Life-Long Education SJJ14004, 2014-2016, the part of Community Education Promotion.

  •  Joined and Undertook the Great Project of ECNU Basic Education Reform and Development Research Institute: Research of Basic Education Reform and the Establish of “Life and Practice” Educational School, the part of Human Science Foundation.11JJD8800342011-2015.