Du Mingfeng

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Du Mingfeng

Ph.D. Lecturer


E-mail: dmf0213@163.com

Address: 1114, 11th Floor, Liberal Arts Building, Department of Education, East China Normal University, No.3663 North Zhongshan Road, Shanghai,20062,P.R.China.

Educational Background


Ph.D. of Principle of Education at East China Normal University


Master of Principle of Education at East China Normal University


Bachelor of Pedagogy at Shanxi Normal University

Main Articles:

  • Du, M.F. (2018).The History and Logic of Teacher System Transformation in 40 Years of Reforming and Opening up in China,Global Education, (2).

  • Du, M.F. (2017). The Participation in Education of the Social Organization: Mechanisms and Strategies,Educational Research, (2).

  • Du, M.F. (2016). Research Leads the Educational Change: New Trends of the Educational Research in the United States——An Analysis of the Research Fields and Leading Scholars Based on the US RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings,Educational Research, (1).

  • Du, M.F. (2016). The Identity of Class Leaders and Its Logic of Construction,Theory and Practice of Education, (22).

  • Du, M.F. (2016). The Current Crisis of Class Leaders System and Its Response.Journal of The Chinese Society of Education, (4).

  • Du, M.F.(2016). Putting A Lock on The Willfulness of Class Leaders' Power. Moral Education in China, (3).

  • Du, M.F.(2015). The Framework of Class Leaders’ Power: A Field Study.Journal of schooling Studies,(2).

  • Du, M.F. (2015). A Study on the Index System of High School Modernization and Its Realization, Research in Educational Development, (1).

  • Du, M.F. (2013). The Shifting of Focuses and the Transformation of Questions——Rethinking the Research on the Relations between Theory and Practice in Education since the Implementation of the Reform and Opening-up Policy,Journal of Educational Science of Hunan Normal University, (1).

Research Projects

  • Humanities  and Social Sciences Research of the Ministry of Education General  Project in 2019: The Mechanisms and Strategies of the Participation in  Education of the Social Organization, 2019.