The promotion meeting of the excellent series of contemporary pedagogy was held by the Department of Education

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At 9:00 a.m. on December 16, 2020, the Department of Education of East China Normal University held the meeting to promote the excellent series of contemporary pedagogy. Yang Fuyi, vice president of Graduate School of East China Normal University, Chen Lingxi, director of Graduate Cultivation Office, Zhao Jianjun, president of Higher Education Branch of East China Normal University Press, Li Hengping, associate senior editor and editor Shi Wen attended this meeting and gave instructions. Moreover, Huang Zhongjing, director of the series, and editorial board members Bu Yuhua, Fan Guorui, Huang Xiangyang, Ju Yucui, Liu Shiqing, Wang Baoxing, Yang Guangfu and some other teachers also attended the promotion meeting, which was host by professor Cheng Liang, deputy chairman of the Department.

At the beginning, vice president Yang Fuyi conveyed the spirit of the documents related to the construction of national postgraduate teaching materials with a focus on the evaluation requirements of national excellent teaching materials. He said that quality, including the ideological, scientific and innovative nature of textbooks, was the core requirement of textbook compilation. According to him, we should ensure the textbooks adhere to the correct ideological and value orientation, should reflect the party's innovative theory and achievements so as to implement the fundamental task of fostering moral integrity through education.

Director Chen Lingxi briefly introduced the situation of postgraduate courses and teaching materials construction at the school level. She said that under the background of the national "double first-class" construction, the construction of postgraduate courses and teaching materials had achieved remarkable results, greatly improved the quantity and quality of courses and teaching materials, and actively served the goal of first-class postgraduate education. With the Department of Education’s good foundation in the construction of excellent courses and teaching materials, she hopes that the excellent teaching materials series of contemporary pedagogy, as a key support project of the graduate school, can play an exemplary role in the construction of excellent teaching materials in Colleges and universities across the country.

Professor Huang Zhongjing introduced the project process, the series and the research progress. He firstly expressed his gratitude to the graduate school and East China Normal University Press for their support for the construction of teaching materials. The project was launched in 2017 with its original intention to promote discipline development and talent cultivation through the construction of excellent teaching materials. On the layout of the series, it is divided into four sections according to different majors of the Department. Since its launch, many meetings of responsible persons and construction promotion meetings have organized and held, which effectively ensured the implementation of the project.

Subsequently, the persons in charge of each textbook exchanged views on their own textbook framework, compilation progress and existing problems. Generally speaking, the teachers are all engaged in the compilation of this series with a serious and responsible attitude, striving to present the latest research results in various fields. They will keep close communication with the editors of presses in the future to ensure the successful publication of the series.

President Zhao Jianjun made a conclusion speech. He extended his gratitude to all members for their support for the publication of teaching materials, and his admiration for their professional attitude and sense of responsibility. He also suggested that textbook compilation should consider how to embody Chinese characteristics and deeply explore Chinese local characteristics in various fields. In addition, he believes that there should be an overall plan for the publication of teaching materials. As the first batch of excellent teaching materials construction projects, this series should play a leading role in the publication of follow-up teaching materials.

In order to implement the 13th Five-Year Plan for development of the Department of Education, the project was launched in 2017 and approved in 2018 to become an excellent teaching material construction project of the Graduate School of East China Normal University. At the same time, it was funded by the Ministry of Education. The aim of this series is to provide excellent teaching materials for postgraduates. The content of the series covers the principle of education, the history of Chinese and foreign education, the education policy, Children's organization and Ideological Education and some other majors.

List of series


Book name

Fan Guorui

Principle of Education

Ju Yucui

Educational Aesthetics

Ma Hemin

Ten Classic Problems in Sociology of Education

Huang Xiangyang

Principle of Moral Education

Wang Baoxing

History of Western Educational Problems

Zhang Liyong

History of Chinese Education

Huang Zhongjing

Introduction to Education Policy Research

Liu Shiqing

Evaluation and Methods of Education Policy

Bu Yuhua

Introduction to Contemporary Young Pioneers

Yang Guangfu

Introduction to Student Guidance: Theory and Practice

 Translator: Xiaoyan Li