Professor Zhongjing Huang’s Monograph has been Translated into Multiple Languages

发布日期: 2020-11-09   作者:  浏览次数: 54

Recently, according to East China Normal University Press, Professor Zhongjing Huang’s monograph China Road: Basic Education Change in China in the Context of Globalization (East China Normal University Press, 2016) has been translated into Russian, Uzbek and other languages. Among them, the Russian edition was published by Russia's Nestor-History Press in 2020, and the Uzbek edition was published by Akadnash Pres in 2020. In addition, the Vietnamese edition is in the process of publication.

(Book covers of the Russian edition and the Uzbek edition)

This book was approved by the Chinese Academic Translation Project of The National Social Science Fund of China in 2017. In the same year, it was recommended as a high-quality book by East China Normal University Press and exhibited at the Shanghai Book Fair. In 2018, it awarded the second prize in the book category of the Shanghai 14th Outstanding Achievement Award of Philosophy and Social Science.

This book has spent four years on research and it was the final achievement of the “12th Five-Year” Plan of The National Social Science Fund of China. It focuses on the basic education development after China’s reform and opening up under the globalization background, exploring the "Chinese Experience" for basic education development in the context of globalization. To seek the internal rationale for the Chinese basic education development, it studies from five aspects: theoretical tracing, historical tracing, practical exploration (regional road), practical exploration (school road) and future prospects. It demonstrates Chinese experience, Chinese characteristics and Chinese roads for the basic education development systematically and comprehensively, embodying the combination of history and theory, theory and practice, macro and micro analysis, and space and time.

The core findings of the book have been published in Policy Futures in Education, Education Development Research and other journals, and were reported in full by Xinhua Digest. The research findings have also been published at international conferences such as the China-Germany Forum, China-Canada Forum and China-Australia Forum.